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Remote curriculum. Deep learning. Real community.

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Cutting-edge neuroscience fact: HOW we learn determines WHAT we remember.
Rote memorization, online modules, and homework packets are likely to be forgotten, because they lack context and meaning.
On the other hand, the social connections we make deepen and accelerate learning. Social connection also sparks joy. And joy is the secret neurological sauce that really makes learning effective and "sticky".
That's why our K-8 virtual learning program puts interpersonal connection front & center.
The result? Your child will not only meet her academic benchmarks, but far exceed them.
We are pleased to offer a full virtual learning curriculum open to the public. You don't need to be a Terra Marin student to take advantage of our top-level instructors and course programming.
Feed your child's brain from home with Mandarin, math, STEAM, music and more.

Virtual Classes:

  • Interactive classes in all subject areas, led by our top-level team of seasoned educators.

Small Group Advisories:

  • We meet your child at her level. Personalized, high-touch interactions ensure she thrives academically & emotionally.

Periodic Assessments:

  • We take full accountability for your child's learning. We monitor her progress against state standards so she (and you) can rest assured she is on track.

C2 Classroom Connect:

  • Your child enjoys regular social lunch hours and team building programs. We believe there is no such thing as "just for fun." Fun is the essential foundation of meaningful learning.

Social-Emotional Support:

  • We offer weekly one-on-one check-ins to connect with your child and care for her social, emotional and academic growth.

Beyond the Core:

  • Art, music, earth education, drama, and world languages are part of every student's weekly schedule.

Accepting new students now. We would be delighted to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact our admissions director at or (415) 906-2220.



70 Lomita Drive

Mill Valley, CA 94941​


(415) 906-2220

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