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We are fortunate to host an experienced & capable earth education team this summer. Our highly qualified team members have led top naturalist programs around the world; they are some of the best in the business. We are thrilled to have such a fantastic team on board for this summer of adventure, learning, and fun! Your child is in exceptional hands.



Christopher Rasschaert.jpg
Claire Laurenz

Claire earned her B.S. in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education from Michigan State University. She has facilitated education and leadership programs for all ages throughout the USA and has conducted environmental research in India. Claire led a bicycle tour across the country for high school students and always encourages people to step outside of their comfort zones. She loves sharing nature with others, eating lemon ice cream and water skiing. "I work to inspire wonder and life-long learning."

Chris Rasschaert

Chris graduated from Central Michigan University where he studied Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Sustainability. He has led climbing trips and has hiked hundreds of wilderness miles as an educator teaching the foundation of teamwork and earth education while traveling the country in depth. He is a retired beekeeper and enjoys calisthenics and riding unicycles. "I look forward to unveiling the wonders from the ground under our feet to the blue sky above while building our hearts, minds, and souls along the way."

Earth Educators

EARTH EDUCATion counselors

Chris Berreman

Marin County native, 4 years field instructor, PSIA certified ski instructor. Back country historical interpretation overnight instructor. "Super excited to be back on the coast and near the ocean. I believe that the outdoors is a fantastic setting to teach youth real-life skills, build character, and above all, to make learning fun, interesting, and engaging!"

Megan Griffith

B.A. in Art and Film and a lifetime of outdoor adventure experience with backpacking and camping. With 3 years of experience in teaching and childcare; leading nature photography groups, STEM, and SEL learning. "I'm excited to bring my creative lens and personal knowledge to the wonderful campers this summer." 


Fun Facts: Played ultimate frisbee in college, volunteers at community gardens, obsessed with medicinal herbs. 

Picture of Kenneth Berreman 2.jpeg
Kenneth Berreman

Masters in Multicultural and Bilingual Education at Universidad de Alcalá - Instituto Franklin. B.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Science Education at UC Davis. Currently working as a bilingual Science and Math teacher in Madrid, Spain. I'm coming home for the summer to reconnect with my California roots and continue my educational career in the places that shaped my childhood. I have spent the last 4 years traveling and teaching around the world, in countries such as Ecuador, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Excited to implement aspects of my thesis on outdoor education as well as bring my own experiences to the table. 

Fun Fact: I love to rock climb even though I’m a little scared of heights.

Raven Rawson Bio Picture.jpg
Raven Rawson

Student at Central Michigan University. Majoring in Outdoor and Environmental Recreation, minoring in Psychology and Disability Studies. Wilderness First Responder Certified. With 3 years of experience in facilitation of outdoor youth programs, I am looking forward to inspiring growth and lasting connections to nature with the campers. 

Fun Fact: Animal lover, one of my goals is to eventually open an animal rescue sanctuary. 

Caroline M. Hardy

Michigander at heart, Central Michigan University student for now, majoring in Outdoor and Environmental Education, minoring in Leadership. Wilderness First Responder certified. Outdoor Ed program developer and facilitator for children in the Mt. Pleasant community! Dream goals in life are to become a Junior Ranger and thru-hike all the major trails in the US!

Francisco González

I spend most of my time in the mountains or in the ocean, climbing or surfing. I love to spend my time traveling in my camper van. I also was a competitive mountain biker in Spain. I'm a science and robotics teacher at a primary school in Spain, and from 2018- 2020, I was living and teaching in Ireland.


Fun Fact: Everybody calls me Kiko, but my real name is Francisco, although I haven’t been to San Francisco (yet)!


Marta Díaz

B.A. in Audiovisual Communication in Madrid, Spain. I grew up in the mountains outside Madrid which are filled with oak trees just like the ones in California. My bilingual education, in Spanish and English, makes me capable of connecting with kids in many different ways, and I can't wait to use my passion for art as a way to explore nature. 


Fun Fact: I love marmots - they don't live in Spain, so I'm looking forward to meet one in Yosemite.

Marissa Levinson

Fortunate to call California my home, I have spent a majority of my free time camping, hiking, and exploring the natural beauty it offers. I pursued a B.S. in Marine and Coastal Science at UC Davis, which has placed me in the fish research world, but I continue to incorporate my passion for environmental education and working with kids whenever I can! I assisted with forming a UC Davis Chapter of an environmental education non-profit called Sprout Up, which provides free weekly lessons about sustainability and environmental stewardship to 1st and 2nd grade students. 


Fun Fact: I have spent the last year in France, learning French and eating all the cheese, baguettes, and croissants possible! 

Sydney Smith

B.A. in Environmental Science and Conservation from Carthage College. Originally from Chicago, I taught outdoor education and enrichment to all ages across the U.S. and am excited to experience the natural beauty of the West coast. I'm passionate about exploration, being active outdoors, and hands-on learning.


Fun Fact: I love volunteer and non-profit work and aspire to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Neus Pericàs

Spanish girl in the Bay Area. I graduated in Madrid for audiovisual communication and have worked as a camp instructor in Mallorca, my native little island, since the age of 18. Being outdoors while creating something with kids is something that I love to do while we discover the world.


Fun Fact: Every time I move into a new place, I don't feel comfortable in my new room until I weirdly sing and dance in it. I'm not a good dancer at all, I just enjoy shaking my body while the music is playing loudly.

Zach Berston

I am a journalism major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo but I grew up in Marin. I spent my childhood roaming the forests of our beautiful county and I’m so glad that I get to share that experience with a younger generation. 


Fun Fact: I rarely ever buy brand new clothes. The majority of my wardrobe is thrifted or traded.

Wyatt Crick

I am currently a middle school Physical Education teacher in Colorado. I have spent the last two years teaching English internationally in Europe and South America. 


Fun Fact: I once swam in all five great lakes in one day and I have climbed mountains over 21,000 feet in elevation.

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Wendy Xa
Head of School
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