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Learn to Ski & Snowboard in Marin on a Ski Simulator.


Learn in Marin. Excel on the mountain.



30 minutes on the ski simulator gives you more turns than an entire day on the mountain!

Improve Your


We monitor your body mechanics works up close, so we build on strengths and fix issues quickly—giving you a mountain style perfect for your body and mindset.


Muscle Memory

Lock your technique into muscle memory without the interruption of ski lifts.  



Getting to the mountain can be a toll on time and costs.  Cut down the time and costs of schlepping the family to the mountains so you can focus on building technique.


Beginner Skiers develop the confidence for fun on your first day skiing on snow. Be well ahead of others being proficient on stopping, controlling your speed, feeling balanced, engaging edge control and understanding what skiing is about. Intro to Over-the-Edge Technologies.

Beginner Snowboarders develop balance and establish the toe and heel edging for linking turns. Know how to slow and stop. Understand what it takes to control the board. Intro to Over-the-Edge Technologies.


Intermediate skiers develop the skier's balance and weight distribution that leads to advanced parallel skiing. Learn to naturally control a smooth carve turn. Working the Over-the-Edge Skills

Intermediate Boarders develop solid board balance and edging to smoothly carve on either your normal stance position and on your "switch" side. Learn 180 and 360 moves. Working the Over-the-Edge Skills


Advanced skiers understand effortless skiing, mastering the edge control with instant reflexes and precise execution. Establish fine movements that translates into accurate supple turns in all types of terrain. Ingraining the Over-the-Edge Technologies.

Advanced Boarders acquire superior balance and feet control needed for all mountain riding and air. Learn to shift weight, absorb and carve. Ingraining the Over-the-Edge Technologies.


Expert Skiers and Boarders will develop a custom program

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