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Pre-Academics & Skills Program Overview

Get a head start on your child's academic and life skills through sensory, motor, and cognitive strengthening.

While we construct a playful environment for your child that is loaded with fun games and activities, our team of experts will actually be helping your child improve in the following areas:

• Fine motor (small hand movements)

• Handwriting (proper grip of a pencil & crayon)

• Gross motor (balance & coordination)

• Motor planning (conceiving, planning, & carrying out movements)

• Executive functioning (attention, organization, mental flexibility, self regulation)

• Sensory processing (interpreting & organizing)


The mastermind behind this creative yet productive camp is our amazing colleague and experienced Occupational Therapist, Meilani Connolly, OTR/L, from Build Learn Thrive, LLC.  She has over 9 years experience focusing primarily on treating pediatric children with various diagnoses who have fallen behind in their development.

If this camp can help advance children who are behind, accelerate their skills and quickly catch them up to other children their age, just imagine how far this camp could take an on track, neurotypical child like yours?


M-F Half Day Sessions (9am-1pm) 


Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Readiness Sessions (Age 3 - 6.5)

July 13-31 (3 weeks)

Safety is our number one priority at Terra Marin Camp. All sessions will run in accordance with the CDC and state regulations around COVID-19. 

Small group sessions (12 children or less)

PPE utilized as required

Frequent sanitization of common spaces & shared educational tools

Indoor/outdoor learning areas

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