Terabytes Win The Judges Award!

Congratulations to our 6th Grade Terra Marin Terabyte FLL Team who won the 2019 FLL Judges Award this past weekend. 

It was an exciting yet exhausting day.  The Team had to bring their A game to present three separate times in closed door sessions and then compete in four rounds of head-to-head robot battles.  It was incredible our rookie team won this award.  The Terabytes were recognized with The Judges Award for being a team that stood out from the others during the competition. As the judges put it, "The Terabytes are one in a million!".   The award also recognizes The Terabytes for having a great team spirit, being positive throughout the competition, and for exhibiting constant good sportsmanship during all four categories of competition which included:

Core Value Team Exercise Innovation Project  Robot Design/Programming StrategyRobot Mission Game

Our rookie team has had quite the learning journey over these past few months.   Throughout our time together, the team was able to witness how each member brought their own unique perspective and talent to each challenge.  Slowly, The Terabytes began to realize that their differences were actually their strengths.  It turned out, they were a team of artists, storytellers and creators --- and to be successful they all needed one another. One of our children --when looking at Andy's puzzle in the practice room --- said that each student was a puzzle piece and only together did they make a total picture.  What a neat moment!  Our team is truly grateful to everyone's support along the way including:

Wendy for wanting and saying "yes" to a STEAM club Andy for providing his room for practices (sorry about all those pizza boxes) Our team parents who supplied much needed after school food (Deborah, Sheryl, Patrick, Elena)

Our team parents for being judges during our practices (Steve and Pierre)And to Kenza's dad, Pierre, who swooped in and donated countless hours to help with the robot programming.  Without Pierre we probably wouldn't have had completed ONE mission (I'm not kidding!). FLL has been a wonderful experience. If you have the time, I would highly encourage you to start your own team for your own grade like the 4th graders have done.  Both teams would be more than happy to show you how to get started.   All the best,

Courtney Aragon (Aiden's Mom / 6th Grade)

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