Short Circuits Building & Bustling

Hi Short Circuits (and Not-So-Short Fans)!

A big thank you to Yash's parents, Vishal and Monaz, for the wonderful snack last week!

The Short Circuits built a wind turbine and successfully programmed it. They also took on the challenge of designing an eco-friendly building for the Boomtown Build. They brainstormed ideas, and decided to focus on the concept of recycling. They planned their building on paper, and began building it.

A few important administrative updates:

We will resume the following week at the usual time.We finally have our tournament date! Saturday, January 11, 2020, from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Theodore Judah Elementary, 101 Dean Way, Folsom, CA. The tournament is the highlight of the season, and the kids' big chance to show off all their hard work! Please RSVP and let us know Whether your child will be there; Whether they will be coming with an adult or other family members; and Whether or not your child is interested in carpooling (if so, can you offer a ride or do you need a ride?)Terra Marin Terabytes Tournament: The older TMS Lego robotics team, called the Terra Marin Terabytes, will be competing on Saturday, November 9, at 4026 Maher St #2243, Napa, CA. Attendance is completely optional, but we know the older kids would be thrilled to see their little friends there! MONEY! OK, now that we've just paid for the tournament, we have a final league cost! The total TEAM cost is $446.62. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe we have 4 team members attending the tournament - Nolan, Yash, Kariana, and Eliza. That means the league will cost $111.66 for each of these team members. (Here's a breakdown of all the expenses for those who are interested.) Please venmo me (@Bronwen-Pugh), PayPal me (, check or cash. Thank you! Team T-Shirts: On top of the team cost, we can choose (or not) to make team t-shirts and pay for them per tee. Let me know if this is something you're interested in.Upcoming snacks: How does this schedule sound for everyone for snack duty over the next few weeks? I've noticed this group is very hungry! Thank you so much for all your nutritious, generous snack donations, they are so appreciated! 10/21 - Edringtons10/28 - Pughs11/4 - Hollingers11/11 - NO Lego Club (Veterans Day)11/18 - Vishal & Monaz

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