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Summer team


Earth discovery

Raven_Rawson;TM Bio.HEIC

Raven Rawson

Camp Educator

Life goal: Open an animal rescue sanctuary

Enjoys cycling, reading, ice skating, and hiking. I grew up exploring along the lakeshores of Michigan. This is my second summer with Terra Marin and I'm eager to nurture each campers a sense of curiosity, wonder, & appreciation for the outdoors.

Studies Outdoor and Environmental Recreation at Central Michigan University. 

Picture of Kenneth Berreman 2.jpeg

Kenneth Berreman

Camp Educator

Sport: Rock climbing! ...even though I’m a little scared of heights

Currently working as a bilingual Science and Math teacher in Madrid, Spain. I'm looking forward to reconnect with my California roots as I've spent the last 4 years traveling and teaching around the world, in countries such as Ecuador, Thailand, and Vietnam.  


Masters in Multicultural and Bilingual Education at Universidad de Alcalá - Instituto Franklin

& B.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Science Education at UC Davis


Sophie Riley

Camp Educator

Favorite activity: Playing trombone in the Spartan Marching Band!

Getting my hands dirty in the garden and exploring new hiking trails is a sincere love of mine. I have a strong passion for teaching others about the natural world and making a difference towards climate change prevention. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help campers experience Mother Nature's magic as a park interpreter and also here at Terra Marin.

I am a student at Michigan State University majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability.


Arielle Smith

Camp Educator

Farthest travels: Antarctica to hold and study baby penguins

I'm an avid thrill-seeker, nature lover, I'm deeply passionate about ensuring that children experience the wonders of the natural world and practice gratitude for its gifts. With three years of experience working in the ecotourism industry, I am extremely excited to use my skills to create meaningful and lasting connections with each camper this summer!

Graduate of Michigan State University with a B.S. in Environmental Sustainability 


Patrick Cox

Camp Educator

Passions: Taking photos of wild animals, reading, & listening to music

Through my experiences with nurturing and establishing an eco-friendly orchard I’ve fallen in love with learning how every living thing works together in the environment. I’m beyond excited to share my knowledge and passion for the great outdoors to the campers!

Double major at Michigan State University in Environmental Studies and Sustainability & Political Science Pre-Law.


 Christiana (Ana) Chittenden

Camp Educator

Biggest adventure: Hiking 500 miles from Denver and Durango, CO

Loves climbing, skiing, leading outdoor adventure club events, & teaching. I'm commited to helping campers develop a connection with nature while learning to cultivate healthy relationshiops with themselves and the environment.


B.S. in Health Promotion minoring in Global Health from the University of Georgia!


Morgan King

Camp Educator

Favorite animal: My black cat

named Oakley

Passionate about anything plant, nature, or art related. I’m looking forward to exploring California this summer with the Terra Marin Community. 


B.S. from Michigan State University in Plant Biology/Environmental Biology, with a minor in Sustainable Natural Resource Recreation Management.


Spanish immersion

Photo. Ana.jpeg

Ana Karen Escobar

Camp Educator

Love language: Food!

Has 5 years of experience in Bilingual Education. For me, being part of a children's learning process is one of the most satisfying things in life.
I love hiking and being surrounded by nature. Hands-on outdoor activities are my favorite.

Graduated from Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla in Mexico after studying Language Teaching

IMG_6211 2.JPG

Yatzi (Maylet) Ortiz Hernandez

Camp Educator

Fun facts: I love singing even though I'm not a good singer. It's something I do all day long unconsciously!

Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, a magical place full of nature and art. B.A. in film production, student of Laws and Social Sciences. Director of the federal program "Arte por la Mixteca", through which she teaches art to children. Honored by the award "Citizen of the year of Oaxaca". "My dream is to see children and people happy and fulfilled, my job is to teach them the passion for life, art, nature and guide them to discover their own passions".


William Villota Lopez

Camp Educator

 Fun facts: Worked as a professional clown for cultural events, festivals, & meetings.

Hailing from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, I enjoy playing soccer and sharing Spanish culture. I  am looking forward to engaging with individuals from diverse walks of life. Fostering an atmosphere of joy and happiness is my priority while exploring nature with my campers this summer.

Earned a Bachelor's in Spanish and English from Universidad de Nariño


Emma Chongo

Camp Educator

Ability: Polyglot! Speaking English, Spanish, Mandarin, & Romanian

Lover of life and adventure. I can be described as a world traveler, soccer extraordinaire, and caring sister. A strong commitment to continue learning and helping others enter their growth zone exercises my ability to remain resilient in the face of change.

Pursuing a degree at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. Devoted 5-year supporter and enthusiast of Terra Marin School and Camp. Proud graduate of Convent in San Francisco. 

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.53.54.png

Emili Herrera

Camp Educator

Values: Hardwork,  fearlessness,  & enthusiastism

Teacher with 6 years of experience. Loving daughter, and friend.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.54.01.png

Maria Herrera

Camp Educator

 Loves: My two children and all dogs

27 years of experience with children.


Mandarin mania

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 13.17.52.png

Angela Xin Hu

Camp Educator

I've been coaching and directing Improv Theater for many years.

Tai Chi is one of my favorite Martial Arts to practice. 

Master of Education in Instructional Design and Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies at San Francisco State University. I relocated from Beijing to the Bay Area in 2014. I'd once lived and attended school in Strasbourg, France, for two years.


Kai He

Camp Educator

Fun Fact: I love basketball and relevant outdoor activities. One of my goals is to be a basketball coach.

B.A. in Elementary Education from Michigan State University. With 3 years of experience in teaching bilingual students. I'm super excited to go hiking. Nature is a good inspiration for learning different cultures as well.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.59.42.png

Suyi (Susan) Liu

Camp Educator

Forward-thinking and always prepared. Dedicated.

Ph.D. in Language Studies at De La Salle University, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education at University of Houston, TX.  B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Fort Hays State University in KS. B.A. in English at Zhengzhou University. 11 years of experience with PK-4th grade children.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.59.59.png

Yiyan Cheng

Camp Educator

Loves to travel. Movie goer. Photographer at heart.

M.A.  Modern Foreign Language with a concentration in Mandarin from Boston University. B.S. in Childhood Education with a concentration in English at St. John's University. 

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.59.36.png

Patricia Etchekan

Camp Educator

Singer in Music Video. Natural athlete. Quadrilingual.

M.A. in Chinese Language & Literature at Inner Mongolia University, China. B.S. in Preschool Education at Inner Mongolia Normal University and  B.S in software engineering from Groupe Pigier, Côte d’Ivoire. 4 years of preschool teaching experience. Fluent in Mandarin, French, and English. Proficient in Spanish.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 13.59.53.png

Tianxing Yao

Camp Educator

Talented poet. Amusement park enthusiast.

M.A. in Education from the University of San Francisco. B.A. in Electrical Engineering from Xi’ an Shiyou University in China. 7 years of teaching experience.


Transportation team

Michael Pastor_edited.jpg

Michael Pastor

Bus Driver - Marin

Served in the Navy, Has a grown daughter

San Francisco native. Punctual, 17 years as a bus driver. Previously, served as a building and property manager.


Melvin Watson

Bus Driver - San Francisco

Loves bikes, father of four grown children.

Born in Galveston, TX.  Previously owned and operated a bike shop, spent 22 years as a building manager in the Presidio, and worked a few years at another K8 school in SF.


Director team


Claire Laurenz

Camp Director

Hiking. Climbing. Camping.

BS in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education from Michigan State University, 7 years of experience leading outdoor ed programs. Completed 2 cross-country bike tours.  "I work to inspire wonder and life-long learning."


Chris Rasschaert

Camp Director

Trapezist. 70 Mile Marathon Runner. Retired Bee Keeper. Unicyclist. 

BA in Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Sustainability at Central Michigan University. "I look forward to unveiling the wonders from the ground under our feet to the blue sky above while building our hearts, minds, and souls along the way."

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