Do you want your child in school, but are concerned about her safety? Terra Marin Micro-School is your answer.
  • An innovative Preschool-8th grade Micro-School entirely in nature.
  • Your child plays & learns with 11 other children, sheltered in the woods, beaches & outdoor space.
  • All the top-notch Terra Marin academics + earth education.
  • Locations in Woodside, San Francisco & Mill Valley*
What does a day at Terra Marin Micro-School look like?
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"The Outdoor Classroom"
Hear from Andy Trapp, Micro-School Educator 

Back in School. Safely.


Terra Marin Micro-School allows students to continue their educational journey in-person. And protected.

During the global pandemic, the world of classrooms and desks has been temporarily replaced by Google Classroom and Zoom. Now, as we phase back into “normal” life, we all need to return to work, and our children need to return to school. Yet the most vulnerable among us also need to stay safe. 


Is your child, or someone in contact with her, especially vulnerable to COVID-19? Terra Marin Micro-Schools is your safest back-to-school option. Allow your child to continue her educational journey in-person while staying protected.


Your child plays & learns in a small, stable cohort, sheltered in the woods by the beach or wherever their day takes them.

  • Max of 12 students/class

  • Each micro-group is led by one highly experienced earth educator & one multi-subject teacher

  • Students & teachers "shelter-in-place" as a cohort and learn together, in-person

  • Every week consists of 5 days a week outdoors

  • We offer a full academic curriculum integrating science, humanities, and athletic activities, including: English, math, science, drama, world languages, music, and earth education (e.g., herbology, animal tracking, parkour, archery, and much more).

  • We work with parents to establish home guidelines that will minimize risk to their own family and fellow students


Pursuing a child’s interest & personalizing her learning achieve maximum results.

Our nation's educational landscape is changing rapidly due to the global pandemic. Terra Marin is on the forefront of what soon will be the future of education with Terra Marin Micro-School - an innovative K-8 micro-school based in nature. The first Terra Marin Micro-Schools to launch will be in Woodside, San Francisco, and Mill Valley.

Terra Marin is built on this foundational principle: Pursuing a child’s interest and personalizing her learning achieve maximum results. The micro-school extends this premise to address the immediate need to protect the most vulnerable in our society, while practicing social distancing. The unique outdoor classroom model will provide private and semi-private instruction to up to 12 students per class. Students will learn English, math, science, drama, languages, music, and earth education primarily in the great outdoors.

Students spend their days in the woods, in groups of no more than 11 other children. Each student group is led by two educators: An earth educator and a multi-subject teacher. All participants agree to continue to shelter in place (no after-school sports or playdates) and limit all contact with those outside of their immediate family and other micro-group participants.

Terra Marin has had a fully-established earth education program (with locations in Huddart Park, Woodside, and Mill Valley) since its founding. This thriving program is a key cornerstone of Terra Marin’s academic curriculum. All Terra Marin students spend a full day in the woods each week, immersed in a nature and science curriculum led by our seasoned team of earth educators. 

Our new micro-schools are now expanding & building on this established small-group nature-based earth education model, with the aim of limiting exposure to pathogens by learning in nature.   

How to Apply

Terra Marin Micro-School is accepting applications for this Fall. We will prioritize families who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. For more information and to meet our teachers in a video call, please email us at contact@terramarin.org or call our Admissions Director at 415-906-2220.


Will my child be safe?

Terra Marin is taking every possible precaution to keep your child safe.

While we acknowledge there is a risk involved in social interactions of any type, we strongly believe this is the safest way for your child to attend school in-person. Since COVID-19 arrived in Marin last spring, we have painstakingly researched and vetted every possible scenario we could imagine for what the fall might look like. Our conclusion, in line with recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other experts, is  that children learn best in school. But we are responsible for ensuring that return is as safe as possible.

Based on our research and after running 3 months of running pilot programs, we have implemented and finessed the following set of COVID-19 safety guidelines:

Why combine outdoors & academics?

Because it works. Research shows children learn better outside.

Research has shown that children are more likely to invent their own games, use their imaginations and think creatively to solve problems in green play spaces rather than on flat playgrounds, classrooms or playing fields.  Furthermore, green play spaces also suit a wider array of students and promote social inclusion, regardless of gender, race, class, or intellectual ability. One recent study showed that "at-risk" students who attended an outdoor camp, scored significantly higher on science focused tests than when learning in a typical classroom.


Terra Marin has used this research and proven its validity.  Through our nature-based experiential educational program, in which our students spend full days in nature, we have been able to give them a significant leg up in the areas of social studies, science, language arts, and math. In addition, nature has taught our students valuable skills in the areas of creative problem solving and mindful critical thinking.

What does a normal school day look like? 

Collaborative, project-based classes. Our full academic curriculum + earth education.

While standard schooling separates children by age and grade, micro-school classes are structured by level and ability creating a class makeup that could include 1-2 different grade levels.  Children are empowered to lead their learning and encouraged to teach and learn from their peers. The role of the teacher is less directive and more collaborative with learning built around hands-on projects and Harkness method based discussions.  

Classes are held outside, overseen by two teachers: one primary instructor with special training in outdoor instruction, and one multi-subject teacher. We have a full academic curriculum designed to nourish scientific, artistic, and athletic passions, including: English, Math, Science, Drama, World Languages, Music, and Earth Education (e.g., herbology, animal tracking, parkour, archery, and much more).

K-4th grade:
5th grade:
*Financial assistance available
Sept 2020 - June 2021*
  • K-5th: 9:00am-4:00pm

*Summer program available at additional cost


  • Marin (Mill Valley area)*
  • San Francisco*
  • Woodside*(To be launched)
*Specific site locations vary daily; parents will be notified of their child's weekly site schedule well in advance. Parents are responsible for dropping off & picking up their child at the daily designated site.