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In these unusual circumstances, we have created micro-schools as a new safer alternative to our usual academic year programming. This summer, we are pairing our educators with cohorts of 12 or fewer students. These smaller groups will be similar to our regular academic programming and follow our core curriculum. Cohorts will remain stable throughout the entirety of the school year.  


In order to join you must:

  • Be sheltering in place & not participating in other group childcare or activities

  • Have a child who is willing to wear a mask during school when 6 ft distancing is not possible


If this works for you please register here. Space in these programs is very limited. 

Please contact us directly if you have any questions/concerns about any of the above requirements.




How many children can be in a cohort?
Micro-school operations must be carried out in stable groups consisting of 12 or fewer children, which means that the same 12 or fewer children must remain in the same group each day. Children from the same family or household unit must be included in the same group, to the greatest extent possible.


Can my child attend simultaneous extra-curricular sports or activities?
Children may not attend more than one childcare establishment, activity or sport simultaneously. This means that if any child is attending any childcare establishment, activity or sport, that child may not enroll in a Terra Marin micro-school unless or until they have permanently stopped attending the first.

What if I have multiple children in my household who want to attend different schools?
Parents from the same family or household unit should seriously consider enrolling their children in the same school, and children from the same family or household unit who do attend Terra Marin micro-schools should be included in the same micro-school cohort to the greatest extent possible.  However, it is not required that children from the same family or household unit attend the same school or micro-school cohort.

Do children need to wear masks in the micro-school? Are masks mandatory or recommended for physical activity?
Children under 12 are not required to wear cloth face coverings. Children over the age of 2 should wear cloth face coverings when not actively engaged in physical activity to reduce the risk for transmission only if the parent and provider determine they can reliably wear, remove, and handle masks following CDC guidance throughout the day. Children under 12 wearing a cloth face covering shall be actively monitored by Personnel at all times.

Does Terra Marin Personnel need to wear masks or face coverings while teaching?
Generally, yes. The guidance requires the business to ensure that all Personnel comply with the SSP requirements and adhere to all requirements of the Facial Coverings Order and the Social Distancing Protocol as required by the Shelter in Place Order.


Are we able to hold outdoor group activities? Can we run outdoor classes for our students?
Yes. It is encouraged that schools do as many activities outdoors as possible; create outdoor activities where you can provide wider spacing opportunities. Sports with shared equipment or physical contact, like soccer, basketball, baseballs, softball, and tennis, can only be played within the same stable group of 12. Participants from one micro-school cohort may not compete or play against participants in another micro-school cohort. All equipment used by participants or Personnel must be sanitized daily at minimum.

Will you ensure social distancing of 6 feet as the recommended distance for physical activity?
Facilities and Personnel must follow all existing guidelines to prevent the spread of infection, such as social distancing when it is feasible in a childcare setting.

Can multiple childcare groups, summer camps or sports camps operate in the same facility at the same time?
If more than one group of children is at one facility, each group must be in separate rooms or spaces that cannot be accessed by children or adults outside the stable group.   Facilities with exceptionally large rooms (e.g. indoor gymnasiums or sports fields) may divide those rooms into more than one space for children by erecting temporary walls or dividers that keep stable groups of children entirely separate from other groups located within the same larger space.

What are the guidelines/best practices Terra Marin micro-schools must adopt to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for students?
Facilities and Personnel must follow all existing guidelines to prevent the spread of infection, such as social distancing when it is feasible in a childcare setting, more intensive infection control measures – such as health screenings, more frequent handwashing, and surface cleaning. Including:
• Take every child’s temperature at the beginning of each day, and take a specific child’s temperature any time there is a concern that child may have a fever. Upon entering room require children and adults to wash hands. Repeat throughout the day as necessary.
• Teach and reinforce washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes among children and staff.
• Teach and reinforce mandatory use of cloth face coverings among all staff.
• Staff should be frequently reminded not to touch the face covering and to wash their hands frequently. Information should be provided to all staff on proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings.
• Ensure safe and correct application of disinfectants and keep products away from children.
• Ensure ventilation systems operate properly and increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors, using fans, or other methods. Do not open windows and doors if they pose a safety or health risk (e.g., allowing pollens in or exacerbating asthma symptoms) risk to children using the facility.
• Take steps to ensure that all water systems and features (for example, drinking fountains, decorative fountains) are safe to use after a prolonged facility shutdown to minimize the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases associated with water.
• Sanitize the sink and toilet handles before and after each child’s use.
• Teach children to use a tissue when using the handle to flush the toilet.
• Wash hands for 20 seconds and use paper towels (or single use cloth towels) to dry hands thoroughly.

How should parents/guardians safely drop off children for Terra Marin micro-schools?
At Terra Marin School Campus: To maintain physical distancing, arrival and dismissal times will be staggered.  Parents/guardians should also avoid carpooling to and from Terra Marin - unless they are in the same cohort. 

At Micro-Schools: For students ages 5-11, we will actually be receiving children from your car - so parents will not even need to get out of the vehicle. Children's temperatures will be taken upon exit from the car, and if the temperature is above 100.4 degrees, they will be asked to get back in the car.  For students aged 3-5, parents may walk their children to their micro-school. Parents, please honor the 6 foot social distancing guidelines.

What should the facility provide to ensure safe sign-in and sign-out for parents/guardians?
The facility should ensure hand sanitizer or handwashing facilities are provided before and after families sign in and out. Instead of having parents sign in or out, our counselors will sign your children in and out.

How can micro-schools have a safe snack/meal time for children?
All families will send meals and snacks from home.

Are parents allowed to watch the class (at a distance)?
No, at this time parents and other spectators and visitors are not allowed at micro-schools.  Parents/Guardians shall drop off and pick up children at staggered times to prevent congregating of any groups of parents/guardians.

What is your refund policy? 
If you register for one of our micro-schools and something arises, or you need to cancel, you must let us know 7 days prior to the Monday your session begins (four days prior) for a 50% refund, or a 100% credit for future programs. 

What if someone in a household of a camper gets COVID-19?
That child will not be able to attend camp for 10 days after the onset of symptoms from the child or family member. Please bring in a negative test to return. Extra precautions will be taken to clean all areas of the micro-school, and all families will be notified immediately. No refund will be processed for any child attending that session (whether they are a  member of the household with the diagnosis or not). 

Thank you for your patience - We will update this periodically.