Four Fires Prep Camp

What is "Four Fires"?

Four Fires Rendezvous is an annual teen camp put together by four California wilderness survival programs. This camp is an advanced wilderness skills camp happening this year (2019) from June 23rd - June 29th and is held at different locations every year. Please click here for a complete description.


What is a "Four Fires prep camp"?

In the aforementioned description of Four Fires Rendezvous you'll notice a sentence that reads "This program is for teens who have experience with wilderness skills and want to take these skills to another level"

Given the advanced nature of Four Fires Rendezvous, teens must apply to attend and once their application has been reviewed, applying families will be contacted to determine if their teen has the appropriate degree of experience to attend Four Fires. 

Four Fires Prep Camp is a day camp designed to prepare students for the skills and activities of Four Fires Rendezvous and help experienced students brush-up on their skills to make sure they're up to speed.


Does my child need to attend Four Fires to participate in Four Fires Prep Camp?

No, however, the skills and exercises instructed at Four Fires Prep Camp are specifically designed to prepare students for Four Fires Rendezvous without "spoiling" the actual experience of Four Fires Rendezvous, thus it is strongly encouraged to plan on attending Four Fires Rendezvous following Four Fires Prep Camp.


Below are the necessary details for Four Fires Prep Camp.


June 10th - 15th, 2019



Huddart County Park 

1100 Kings Mt. Road

Woodside, CA



Daily timing & transportation:

For families applying from either Marin or San Francisco, Terra Marin is offering to drive participants down to Huddart in our school bus (SUV). Here is our bus schedule below.

- San Francisco carpool would be picked up at Crissy Field between 8:30-8:45

- SF Carpool then leaves to meet Silicon Valley students at Huddart Park by 9:15-9:30

- Daily sessions begin by 9:30-9:45pm and end by 3:15 - 3:30pm

- Silicon Valley students get picked up and SF Carpool departs by 3:30 - 3:45pm. SF carpool returns students to Crissy Field by 4:15 - 4:30pm

- On Friday the 14th, students will stay at Huddart Park overnight. They will depart the following morning of the 15th at 9:00 - 9:15am and return by 9:45 - 10:00am

Please let us know if you would like your child to be driven down on the bus so we have a headcount.


Schedule & training:

Below are the skills and exercises that students will be trained on. Following each day, students will be given follow-up reflection assignments to further solidify their understanding and comprehension of given exercises.


Monday, June 10th:

Intro to camouflage & stealth


Tuesday, June 11th:

Fire making & tool use


Wednesday, June 12th:

Traps & tracking


Thursday, June 13th:

 Camouflage shelters & awareness exercises


Friday, June 14th:

Advanced camouflage & stealth


Friday evening - Saturday, June 15th:

Overnight fire tending


Packing list: 

- Daypack

- 24oz water bottle (or bigger)

- Field journal

- Weather-friendly clothing that can get dirty

note on clothing: please wear clothing that can be thoroughly dirtied, as we will be periodically practicing natural camouflage which will include applying mud, charcoal, rock paint and other natural materials to our clothing to alter our appearance. It is recommended to bring a change of clothes to change into during the end of the day.

- Sturdy, close-toed shoes

- Snack and lunch

- Sunscreen/bug spray/any other desired applications

- Personal medications

Overnight packing list:

All the above, plus...

- Sleeping bag & sleeping pad

- Headlamp

- Toiletries 

note on dinner: Terra Marin will provide dinner for the evening of Friday the 14th


What NOT to bring:

- Candy

- Electronics (phones are welcome as long as they're used exclusively for picture-taking purposes and emergencies)

- Personal sharp tools (knives etc.) - these will be provided by Terra Marin for student use during the day


Cost: $550 

Limited scholarships available upon inquiry



Diamond Dahlstrom: 415-407-7649

Terra Marin front desk: 415-906-2220


Again, thank you for your interest in Four Fires Prep Camp. We look forward to training with you.


--Terra Marin's Earth Education Department