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Experience nature up close. Connect deeply with the environment, others, and self. Excursions will take your child from the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between to hike, learn and explore.  Adventures are balanced with projects, personal and group reflection, stories, and timeless wandering.


​Each day, camp staff will support campers in experiences such as:

  • Earth Science (discoveries, experiments, ecosystems, habitats, & topics such as weather, geology, forestry, etc.) 

  • Movement (animal tag, digging, climbing, exploring)

  • Art (painting landscapes, leaf rubbings with crayons, building nests, using markers, string, crafts, stories, puppets, weaving, sewing, carving, + more) 

  • Connection (with self, others, and environment - journaling, yoga, meditation, gratitude, story lessons, "sit spot")

To register for multiple weeks & sessions:

  1. Login or create your Parent Portal

  2. Find your camper's name- select "REGISTER"

  3. Choose which camps are right for you!


Shuttles in SF & Marin now available

For $50/week, your child can be picked up and dropped off at the SF & Marin shuttle stops listed below.

Sign up during registration!


Aftercare now available in Marin

For Marin groups, aftercare is available from 3pm-5:30pm

for $100/week. 

Sign up during registration!

(Must select the shuttle option first)


Week 1

June 12-16

Week 7

July 24-28

Week 10

August 14-18

Week 2

June 19-23

Week 5 

July 10-14

Week 8

July 31 - August 4

Week 3 

June 26-30

Week 6

July 17-21

Week 9

August 7-11

San Francisco