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Earth Education Curriculum

Terra Schools’ Earth Education schedule is based on what has historically worked best in years past. The intention behind this is to give students variety, consistency and an opportunity to make the most out of the Earth Education program.  We will follow the following four-week rotational schedule:

Week 1 - Village week

Week 2 - Hike week

Week 3 - Intensive week 

Week 4 - Beach week

The daily schedule will remain consistent throughout the year. Our morning routine begins with a song,  a thanksgiving circle, a game, and a snack. We end each day with a closing circle. The locations for our Earth Education days (minus Village days) will be decided and sent to families at the beginning of each month. If we need to change because of weather or other circumstances, we will let you know forty-eight hours in advance. 


Village week: Lake Lagunitas, Fairfax, CA

This is based on a traditional village where villagers practice different skills for the sake of the collective. 

After our morning routines, the instructors divide themselves for a recess, then reconvene to lead groups of students through specific skills (a skill-share). Each child rotates between the instructors to learn all the skills of the day at their leisure.  


An Example of Skill-Share

- Creating bamboo spoons or dream-catchers

- Carving soapstone

- Learning the craft of weaving 

Village days are great ways for kids to show off what they are learning as they're guaranteed to take something home that they made.

Hike week: Location TBD per month

This is an excellent opportunity to explore all that Marin has to offer in ecosystems, habitats and pretty views while building endurance and teamwork. We will take moderate-level hikes (2-6 miles, round-trip) and cater to the capabilities of the group, so the lower school isn't hiking 6 miles uphill. :)


Intensive week: Location TBD per month

This is where we focus, in-depth, on a single skill that typically demands more time and attention than others, such as hide tanning, stealth and camouflage, herbal medicine etc. There will be lower-school versions and upper-school versions of these days and they might be segmented, such as Medicine Day pt. 1 & pt. 2., depending on the skill. Occasionally, we might ask parents for additional support, such as sending their children with changes of clothes for camouflage days, etc.


Beach weekLocation TBD per month

Besides the obvious benefits of kids enjoying time at the beach, this gives a great opportunity for animal tracking, oceanography and exploring the Bay Area shoreline!

Note on upper-school: 

Given the alternating upper-school schedule between Earth Education and music days, we will be keeping the same theme for upper school two days in a row.


Example of Upper School Schedule

Week 1: 

- Lower school Village week

- 5th-6th Village day

- 7th-8th Music day

Week 2:

- Lower school Hike week

- 7th-8th Village day

- 5th-6th Music day

Week 3:

- Lower school Intensive week

- 5th-6th Hike day

-7th-8th Music day

Week 4:

- Lower school Beach week

- 7th-8th Hike day

- 5th-6th Music day


Regarding holiday breaks, we will resume chronologically. If we have a Village day one week, for example, and Thanksgiving break the following week, we would have Intensive day the week after Thanksgiving break to maintain consistency.


We look forward to the many adventures to come!

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