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Your child learns at their perfect level

CONSIDER US A personal trainer for your child's brain

For math and language arts, students are grouped by ability level rather than by grade. This structure (made possible by "band scheduling") allows children to learn at their own natural pace, and is especially well-suited for gifted and unique learners. 

Band Scheduling allows for classes of varying skill levels to occur simultaneously in each grade every day, providing students who excel in a subject matter the opportunity to attend the class that is appropriate for their skill level. For example, a 2nd grader may sit in on a 3rd grade math class every day and then return to 2nd grade for the rest of the day's classes.

Using an assessment-driven approach, we identify your child's abilities on a granular level. We map their progress in traditional subjects, as well as his physical, social-emotional, and artistic development.

We then work with your family to craft a customized learning plan for your child. We meet them where they're at, and allow them to progress at their own natural pace. Like the perfect workout, our students find that this on-point learning solution feels just right. (Our point-of-need approach is especially appreciated by students who have come from a one-size-fits-all school, and know from experience the discomfort of a poor fit.)

At Terra Marin we adapt our curriculum to fit your child - instead of trying to change your child to fit our curriculum. And the sky is the limit when it comes to our expansive, robust academics.

Terra Marin students embrace challenge. We strive to stay ahead of them by providing course content that can go as broad or as deep as our students wish. Our robust, challenging program includes Spanish, Mandarin, Engineering, Drama, Art, and Music. We even offer our students access to high-school-level courses. We also offer a home-school support program for 5th-8th grade students who want to augment their at-home coursework.

We believe a child should be challenged, not pressured, and inspired, not forced, to learn.

Shauna Sullivan, Assistant Head of School

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