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Counselor-in-Training Program

Learn, grow and belong at Terra Marin this summer. Join us for an interview, camp trainings, and daily life in nature as we educate, nurture and connect with others and ourselves. 

CITs assist with crafts, keep track of campers on hikes, sing songs, play games, lead lunchtime activities, watch out for camper safety, and help with set up and clean up before and after camp. Interview today


Cost for
program is 

Receive $50/week back upon successful completion 

Ages 13-17 in Marin and San Francisco

Earn your CPR
& First Aid  Certifications



Gain interview experience, assist in coordinating camper activities, attend camp safety and logistics trainings, participate in team meetings and debriefs 



Advance leadership development, emotional intelligence, communication and organization skills, receive feedback and obtain strong references



Make friends, be a role model and collaborate with a committed and passionate team


Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Ages 13-17 


We ask families to support their teen's desire for leadership and growth by allowing CIT applicants to take responsibility for their application process. Applicants with questions can email

CIT & Staff Training: June 7th-9th

Register weekly: June 12th - August 18th 

Once you complete your registration (non-refundable $50 fee) we will send a welcome email asking for your resume, thus beginning the application process. We will then schedule a phone call to share information and interview the CIT candidate. 

Acceptance to our CIT Program: Acceptance to our CIT program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Spaces are limited. Registration for this program alone does not guarantee a place in the program. Pending a successful registration and interview, and available space, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the CIT program.

  • CITs must be ready to learn every day. There is huge potential for personal and professional growth. We will provide the skills and guidance; please bring your focus and committed attitude.  

  • CITs must always be willing to participate enthusiastically. Being fully present and participating in a positive manner is a requirement of our teen leadership programs as well as our staff.  

  • As leaders and role models for others, negative, disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes apathy or lack of desire to participate in programming and any behavior deemed unsafe for campers or staff. CITs must voluntarily abstain from using their cellular devices during camp.


What are the qualifications to apply for the CIT program? 

Applicants must be 13 or 17 years old. Applicants must have a sincere interest in working with children and serving their community.  Successful CITs will have a positive attitude, willingness to learn, strong work ethic and high energy. Am I ready to be a CIT? 

Our CIT program is a challenging and wonderfully fulfilling experience. We encourage applicants to reflect on the following questions: 


  • Do I have a sincere desire to work with children? 

  • Am I interested in developing and practicing my leadership abilities? 

  • Do I enjoy working with others in a hands-on environment? 

  • Am I prepared to be a role model to younger campers and put their needs first? 

  • Am I excited about creating a positive culture and camp experience for all? 

  • Do I feel comfortable playing and exploring outdoors for 7 hours per day?


If yes, our CIT program can be an amazing opportunity for you to develop skills in leadership, community building and character development through observation, discussion and hands-on experience.

What training will I receive as a CIT?


  • CPR and First Aid

  • Outdoor curriculum building

  • Problem solving technics 

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Running morning circle meetings and other programs

  • Group management skills

  • Language Immersion

What are the benefits of participating in the CIT program?


  • Empower teens to become leaders and role models for others

  • Building knowledge and skills for future work with youth

  • Experience the fun and joy of camp all while learning, growing and giving back to your community

  • Build relationships

  • Bridge the gap between camper and counselor 

Where will I be?

CITs will be working onsite at our camp locations each day. Each of our camp programs are a little different. Find what’s best for you. 

Earth Discovery Camp

Ages 3-10 in Marin and

San Francisco

Mandarin Mania Camp

Ages 3-8 in Mill Valley 

How can

I join the CIT program?


  1. Register for your CIT week(s) to begin the interview process. 

  2. Send your resume to

  3. Join us for a phone call interview

  4. If successful, complete your UltraCamp registration and begin your summer adventure with Terra Marin.

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