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Earth Educator

Terra Marin School is a progressive Preschool-8th grade school that seeks to constructively and positively contribute to our student's personal and intellectual growth. We are committed to providing our students with a challenging and innovative curriculum in a collaborative and supportive community.

In the summer, our Earth Discovery Camps have attracted naturalists and earth educators from around the country. This year due to the popularity of our camps, we are in need of more lead and junior camp counselors during the school year. We invite counselors local and afar to work alongside our year-round school.


Our Faculty and Staff are the heart of our community. Staff will mirror and model the core values of our school by fostering their curiosity, critical thinking, intentionality, open dialogue, and good humor.

Position Description

The Terra Marin School & Camp Earth Education Department is looking for bright, enthusiastic, and dedicated earth education instructors interested in either short (spring or summer break) or long-term (year-round) mentoring positions at our school. Currently, we are seeking to fill the following positions:​

  1. School year September 2022-June 2023.

  2. Counselors for one week of Winter Break (December 19-24, 2022) or Spring Break Camp (April 10-14, 2023)

  3. Summer Counselors for one week of training and eight weeks of summer camp. Summer training begins June 12-16, and camps start June 19, 2023 and run until August 11, 2023.

Locations - Earth Educators will mentor in several different locations throughout the camp session or school year to include, but not be limited to:

Marin County: Phoenix Lake, McNears Beach, Lake Lagunitas, Muir Woods, China Camp, Roys Redwoods

San Francisco: Presidio, Golden Gate Park, Glen Canyon Park, Crissy Field, Baker Beach, Thornton State Beach

Hours:  8:30 am - 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays 

*Experience mentoring youth in nature.

*B.A., B.S., (or equivalent experience) a plus.

*Experience with nature-connection mentoring skills such as Art of Mentoring, Coyote's Guide, Kamana Naturalist Training Program, or similar place-based nature connection mentoring programs preferred.

*Knowledge and skills with hands-on wildcrafting or survival skills, tracking, mapping, hazards of the region, bird language, and local flora and fauna identification desired.

*Applicant must have good communication skills with parents and youth, excellent organizational skills, and professionalism.

*Strong group management and safety skills required.

*1st Aid/CPR certified a plus


Oversee safety and instruction for youth nature programs—lead youth on mild to strenuous hikes and activities. Work with additional instructors to plan and implement programs—mentor assistant instructors during programs and planning. Develop weekly lesson plans in cooperation with other staff for outdoor activities. Communicate with parents (email, phone calls, in-person, before/after programs) weekly. Assist with organization, planning, and pre/post camping trip duties (packing, clean-up, etc.)

The applicant must have good communication skills with parents and youth, excellent organizational skills, and professionalism.

Strong group management and safety skills are required.

1st Aid/CPR certification required (Terra Marin will help you get certified, if not already).

Employee Duties

The Earth Educator will be expected to perform the tasks and duties listed below:

- Arrive punctually at 8:00 am and stay until 4:00 pm. Please contact your supervisor to make arrangements for early departure/late arrival or days off.

- Utilize your own and your cohort's planning hours to whatever extent necessary in preparation for the following class day, such as for planning calls or materials.

- Tend to student first aid needs

- Call 911 or transport students to the nearest medical facility if a first-aid need is beyond the skill level of the Earth Educators on-site

- Conduct any necessary pre or post-program parent and/or staff communication (i.e., an email sent to parents in preparation for a beach day)

- Communicate with and greet parents during drop-off and pick-up to pass along any essential student-related information, such as informing them that their child went through poison oak and should follow up with a poison oak wash.

- Help resolve conflicts that might arise between students or ask for assistance from your supervisor(s) if the level of conflict feels beyond the skill level of yourself and/or the other Earth Educators 

- Instruct/teach/present Earth Education skills, games, and activities and help engage the students in a meaningful connection to nature

- Model engagement as often as possible and minimize conversations and behavior that would take students out of the element (i.e., cell phone use or talking to co-workers about mortgage issues)

- Communicate clearly and efficiently with your cohorts and/or supervisors any personal needs that might prevent you from showing up fully (i.e., if your cat died the morning of the program and you might need periodic alone time throughout the day)

- Attend and instruct campouts (for full-time Earth Educators)

- Drink plenty of water and maintain your own health and well-being in order to fully serve the students in your class/cohort :)

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to


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