We are fortunate to host an unusually experienced & capable earth education team this summer. In better times, our highly qualified team members would be leading top naturalist programs around the world. Due to national park closures worldwide, however, they have found their way to Terra Marin this summer. Your child is in exceptional hands.

Gardening Lesson

“There’s no exclusion, everyone’s included, everybody works together. We're a close-knit family. We help each other out and support each other.”​


- “Coach” Wiggins



Diamond Dahlstrom

Site Director

Northern California Native. 2nd generation earth educator. 15 years experience in earth education. Expert in hands-on wild crafting & survival skills, tracking, mapping, regional hazards, bird language, & local flora and fauna identification.



Charles Agar
Lead Counselor
M.A. and B.A. in Kinesiology from Southeastern Louisiana State University.  8 years as a teacher for K-6 in Louisiana.  Swim coach.  Overnight Camp Counselor at Big Bear, CA.
Sarah Buie
Lead Counselor
Pursing M.A. in Outdoor Adventure and Expedition Leadership at SOU. Outdoor adventure summer camps for the past 7 years, in NC & CO with kids age 5-18. "There is nothing that I love more than exploring this beautiful world with passionate people- particularly kids who are excited to explore! Let's search for cool herbaceous plants and try to ID them with their scientific names together. "
Chris Berreman
Lead Counselor

Marin County native, 4 years  field instructor, PSIA certified ski instructor. Back country historical interpretation overnight instructor.  "Super excited to be back on the coast and near the ocean. I believe that the outdoors is a fantastic setting to teach youth real-life skills, build character, and above all, to make learning fun, interesting, and engaging!"

Chelsea Crowley
Lead Counselor
B.S. in Recreation Management, Outdoor Experiential Education. Earth Excursions in Maine, Georgia, Wyoming, Alaska & Australia. Developed & led earth education curriculum for 6 years. Above: Picture of Chelsea, her husband James and their puppy Birch.
Kenneth Berreman
Lead Counselor

B.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Science Education at UC Davis. Worked in schools in CA and Hanoi, Vietnam. Led 9–14 day exchange trips for US high school students in international service
Wilderness First Aid Certified.

Gabrielle Greenfield
Lead Counselor

B.A. in English Literature & Plant Science from U. of Maryland. Naturalist, playwright, puppeteer and herbalist originally from Dallas Texas. These pairing of studies truly synthesized my love of creative writing, theatre, and educating children about the magical divine mystery of our beautiful Earth. 

Kira Guillermo

Grew up in the nature community going to gatherings, listening to talks, attending a nature program, and now working for Outside Now. I have significant experience in the outdoors and working with children ages 3-12 and have recently started working with teenagers. "I look forward to share my skills with others, especially the curious, absorbent minds" 

Jessica Magallanez
Lead Counselor

Studying Child Development & Psychology at De Anza. Outdoor educator for 3 years.

Mira Kartheiser 
Lead Counselor

B.S. in Outdoor Recreation and Recreation Therapy from Radford University, VA.  Worked with campers to increase self-esteem, improve social skills and encourage independence in a natural environment.  Integrated traditional academics with adventure activities for Middle School Students.  Wilderness First Responder,  Advanced Open Water Scuba Certified

Malcom Moniz
Lead Counselor
B.S. Wildlife & Conservation Biology from U of Rhode Island. Trained 30+ outdoor overnight camping instructors as Program Manager and Senior Field instructor in Big Bear, CA.  Avid bird watcher and blogger about birds.
Claire Laurenz
Lead Counselor

B.A. in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education from Michigan State University. Facilitated environmental education programs for all ages throughout the US. Lead a bicycle tour across the country with high school students, conducted research while trekking in the Himalayas, "I work to inspire wonder and life-long learning."

Christopher Rasschaert
Lead Counselor

Lead climbing trips to Kentucky, Utah, and Canada, and hiked hundreds of wilderness miles as an educator teaching the foundation of teamwork and earth education while traveling the country in depth. I look forward to unvailing the wonders from the ground under our feet to the blue sky above while building our hearts, minds, and souls along the way.

Riziki Omonde
Lead Counselor

B.S. in Recreation Management, Parks and Recreation.  Developed lessons in environmental science, Facilitated an emotionally and physically safe environment for students to grow and develop in a healthy manner. Backpacking Counselor in CO, Field/Cabin Instructor in Big Bear, CA and Swim Counselor in CT.

Marc Sotello Jr
Lead Counselor
B.A. in History. Teacher at elementary school. Field Instructor in overnight camps at Big Bear, CA and Alaska. Manager at Escape Room in San Francisco

Vanessa Yakobovich
Lead Counselor
B.A. in Environment Studies & Planning. 10 yrs experience training instructors in Pt Reyes, Mendocino, Occidental Redwood Forest, & Marin Headlands.
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Wendy Xa
Head of School
Christina Forte

Camp Co-Director

Ivania Portocarrero

Camp Co-Director